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Mr. Knowhow biography (July 2018)

"A powerfull presentation and a lot of interaction and chemistry on stage. Mr. Knowhow plays a tight and great rock show." (jury POPgroningen Talent Award)

Mr. Knowhow isn't looking for a new sound and don't expect any experiments. The band plays tight, straight and melodic rock and recalls the old school eighties and nineties rock. Think of Guns 'n Roses, The Black Crowes or AC/DC in a modern version.

Mr. Knowhow was founded in 2008 and has released three EPs in de last years: Out In The Open (2009), A Noise Revolution (2011) and Mk III Analog (2014). The sound has developed from guitar pop to heavy rock and hard rock. In between the song Remember was re-released on the compilation album Riot On Sunset volume 20 by the American label 272 Records. The music of Mr. Knowhow is always beeing received well by public and (local) radio stations. The band has had a lot of airplay and played live on e.g. RTV Noord, Radio Compagnie, Omroep Odrie and Indie XL. Also the band has played various live shows on festivals, in pubs and venues throughout The Netherlands and Germany. In 2018 the band excist 10 years and new music is announced.

Mr. Knowhow is a real live band and is known of it's energetic live shows. With the energetic music, a huge rock 'n' roll attitude and an enthusiastic presentation on stage Mr. Knowhow guarantees a tremendous live show!

Mr. Knowhow are:
* Hanny Wolvekamp - vocals
* Wim Ratering - guitar
* Wim Huizenga - guitar and vocals
* Marck Kuiken - bass
* Arno Wegman - drums

* Three EP releases: Out In The Open (2009), A Noise Revolution (2011) and Mk III Analog (2014)
* Airplay on several local radio stations
* Release on American compilation CD Riot On Sunset 20 (song 'Remember')
* Several live shows in The Netherlands and Germany

* "Musically it's good. The band playes really tight and the guitarist plays a classic solo now and then." (
* "This music suits well in pubs and festivals where people like old-fashioned attractive sturdy rock." (Lords of Metal)
* "The band Mr. Knowhow attended a tremendous opening of the evening program." (organization Cultura Marum, 2013) 
* "A nice rock 'n' roll attitude and an enthusiastic presentation on the stage. Awesome!" (jury Rode Oortjes Festival 2011)


* Biography (pdf)
* Band photo (jpg)
* press kit (contains biography (.doc en pdf), band photos (colour and black&white), logo and rider)

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