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Upcoming live shows:
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No live shows scheduled

Past live shows:
April 8th 2018 Winschoten (NL), RTVGO! - Echt Erik
March 27th 2018 Groningen (NL), A.S.G. Cleopatra (Students for Semmy)
March 16th 2018 Assen (NL), New Café Image
January 25th 2018 Groningen (NL), Flatbar Selwerd 2
January 20th 2018 Groningen (NL), Café Knarie (ESNS)
January 18th 2018 Groningen (NL), Proeflokaal 't Kantoor (ESNS)
November 4th 2017 Groningen (NL), Simplon
June 17th 2017 Noordbroek (NL), Noordsuythoeve
May 14th 2017 Groningen (NL), Proeflokaal 't Kantoor
March 19th 2017 Groningen (NL), Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON)
February 18th 2017 Noordbroek (NL), Monts
January 28th 2017 Adorp (NL), 't Witte Hoes
September 23rd 2016 Stadskanaal (NL), RTV Eén
June 11th 2016 Oosterwolde (NL), Motorhome Eastwood (Eastwood Treffen)
May 27th 2016 Loppersum (NL), Lopster Kroon
April 26th 2016 Assen (NL), The Bull's Eye ('Kings night')
March 19th 2016 Oosterwolde (NL), Stationsplein 2
January 29th 2016 Assen (NL), The Bull's Eye
November 27th 2015 Groningen (NL), Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON)
October 10th 2015 Veendam (NL), Motorploug N33
September 26th 2015 Zuidhorn (NL), Music = Art Festival
August 15th 2015 Noordbroek (NL), Monts (Streetfighter party)
July 18th 2015 Oude Pekela (NL), Red Devils MC North East
May 15th 2015 Groningen (NL), Flatbar Selwerd 2 (Flat party 2015)
February 28th 2015 Noordbroek (NL), Monts
February 13th 2015 Groningen (NL), Lola
December 20th 2014 Oosterwolde (NL), Glazen Huis Stationsstraat
November 29th 2014 Middelstum (NL), Vita Nova
November 13th 2014 Groningen (NL), Flatbar Selwerd 2
August 29th 2014 Winsum (NL), Café J&A (Night of Winsum)
July 24th 2014 Stadskanaal (NL), RTV Stadskanaal
June 22th 2014 Sappemeer (NL), Radio Compagnie (EchtErik Imprezz Sessions)
June 6th 2014 Groningen (NL), Het Concerthuis
May 24th 2014 Leek (NL), Poppodium Punt 1 (Mk III Analog release show)
May 16th 2014 Oosterwolde (NL), Omroep Odrie
February 28th 2014 Leek (NL), Poppodium Punt 1 (preliminary POPgroningen Talent Award)
December 7th 2013 Leeuwarden (NL), Podium Asteriks (Serious Record)
September 28th 2013 't Zandt (NL), Dorpshuis
August 17th 2013 Finsterwolde (NL), MC Waardeloos (Summer party)
July 6th 2013 Pieterzijl (NL), Private party
June 15th 2013 Marum (NL), Cultura Marum
April 30th 2013 Kantens (NL), Dorpshuis 't Schienvat ('Kings ball')
March 28th 2013 Metslawier (NL), Sing-Sing live PBP
March 22nd 2013 Groningen (NL), Jazzcafé De Spieghel
October 19th 2012 Groningen (NL), Warhol (Groningsch Peil)
September 22nd 2012 Zijldijk (NL), Het Witte Kerkje
September 1st 2012 Pieterzijl (NL), Feesttent
August 22nd 2012 Zuidlaren (NL), Private concert
August 20th 2011 Sint Annaparochie (NL), Bildtbeat Festival
July 9th 2011 Weener (D), Bierfest III
April 29th 2011 Meppel (NL), Wilhelminapark
April 17th 2011 Groningen (NL), Pruim City (Grunnpop)
April 1st 2011 Sappemeer (NL), 't Pierement (A Noise Revolution release show)
March 22nd 2011 Marum (NL), Radio Westerkwartier
February 6th 2011 Groningen (NL), Platformtheater (preliminary Rode Oortjes Festival)
December 12th 2010 Meppel (NL), De Wheem
November 27th 2010 Rutten (NL), De Stiepe
October 31st 2010 Rutten (NL), De Stiepe
October 16th 2010 Munnekezijl (NL), Dorpshuis De Schans
October 14th 2010 Groningen (NL), Jazzcafé De Spieghel
October 8th 2010 Meppel (NL), RTV Meppel
September 26th 2010 Pieterzijl (NL), Private party
June 5th 2010 Groningen (NL), Drafbaan Stadspark (Grunnpop)
August 15th 2009 Pieterzijl (NL), Party tent
August 12th 2009 Groningen (NL), Bernouilleplein
July 11th 2009 Zuidhorn (NL), Private party
July 4th 2009 Groningen (NL), RTV Noord (Out In The Open release show)
June 6th 2009 Groningen (NL), Café Karakter (Out In The Open release show)
December 18th 2008 Groningen (NL), Muziekcafé De Hertog
November 29th 2008 Pieterzijl (NL), Dorpshuis De Wending
November 13th 2008 Groningen (NL), Muziekcafé De Hertog
April 11th 2008 Loon (NL), Café Slomp

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