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New live shows
April 6th 2016

After our try out in January of this year on April 26th we will perform again in The Bull's Eye in Assen (NL). This time we will do a full gig during King's Night (Koningsnacht). On the 11th of June we will play a gig at the Eastwood Treffen by Motorhome Eastwood in Oosterwolde (NL). You will find more information about these gigs at our tour dates or Facebook page ( See you at our shows!

Next up: Oosterwolde on March 19
February 29th 2016

On the 19th of March we will play our first full show with Wim Huizenga as second guitarist. Did you miss us in Assen recently? The this is your next change to see us!

Try out show next Friday
January 26th 2016

The first month of the new year has almost ended and we are getting ready to play our first show as a five persons formation. As announced before next Friday we will play a try out show at The Bull's Eye in Assen (NL). The show starts at 9.00 pm (not at 10.00 pm as announced before!). The entree is free and after our show the weekly jam session starts. We hope to see you Friday night!

Merry Christmas
December 22nd 2015

The year has almost ended and we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and the best wishes for the new year. 2015 was a year which we have started with four persons and now we end as a five persons band. We also would like to thank you for coming to the energetic live shows we have played. The first shows for 2016 are already booked and we hope to see you all there again.

Try out show 2016
December 11th 2015

At this moment we are busy rehearsing to get ready for gigs in the new formation of the band. On Friday the 29th of January we will play a try out show in The Bull's Eye in Assen (NL), before the weekly jam session. The show starts at 10.00 pm and it will be the first show with Wim Huizenga. Hope to see you there!

Mr. Knowhow welcomes Wim Huizenga
December 4th 2015

We have misted a full guitar sound on stage, especially after the recordings of our last EP Mk III Analog. Because of that we have looked around for a second guitarist for a while. After a few auditions an old friend of ours came along. We are happy to welcome Wim Huizenga as guitarist in our band.

As said before we already know Wim. We have played together in the past during jam sessions and Wim also visited vaious live shows of the band. Wim has experience in bands and playing at jam sessions. We are convinced that he will attend a full and various guitar sound together with Wim Ratering and he can deliver a great contribution to our new music. Soon he will join us on stage!

Live show MON
October 29th 2015

On Friday the 27th of November from 8.00 pm on we will play a special live show at the café of Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON) in Groningen (NL). MON has plans to expand the number of rehearsal rooms and the music activities. Therefore MON would like to acquire the building and has started a crowdfunding to achieve that goal. Our live show on November 27 is free of charge but we ask a voluntary contribution for the crowdfunding. More information can be found at We hope to see you all on November 27. We hope to see you all at November 27.

New date 2016 Oosterwolde (NL)
October 10th 2015

We can confirm a new date for the gig in grand café Stationsplein 2 in Oosterwolde (NL), which was planned for September 12. On Saturday the 19th of March we will still play the show in Stationsplein 2 and hereby also our first show of 2016 has been confirmed. The show starts at 10.00 pm and the entree is free. We hope to see you there!

Gig in Oosterwolde (NL) postponed
September 5th 2015

Due to circumstances we had to postpone our gig on September 12 in Oosterwolde (NL). We are planning a new date together with the organisation. We hope to announce a new date as soons as possible.

Gigs and pics
August 3rd 2015

For those who are back from their Holidays and are ready again for rock 'n' roll we have good news. After a private gig last month from August 15 on we will play some public gigs again. See our tour dates for the dates and places and we hope to see you all!

We also placed new live photos on Facebook. You can enjoy the nice and energetic moments from the last months again.

New tour dates for the upcoming months
June 10th 2015

After a quiet month of June we will kick off again with new gigs from next month on. We have the following upcoming tour dates on our schedule:

Saturday July 18, Red Devils MC North East, Oude Pekela (NL) (private party)
Saturday August 15, Streetfighter party Monts, Noordbroek (NL)
Saturday September 12, grand café Stationsplein 2, Oosterwolde (NL)
Saturday September 26, Music = Art Festival, Zuidhorn (NL)

See you there!

Gig Oosterwolde postponed
April 11th 2015

Our gig in grand café Stationsplein 2 in Oosterwolde (NL) on June 6 is postponed to September 12. The show also starts at 10.00 pm. See you there!

News update
March 25th 2015

It's quiet on our tour list for the Months March and April. Due to circumstances we aren't able to play live shows. That doesn't mean we are not busy. We are writing new and composing new music and we are working on our live set. From May on you can see us live on stage again. On May 15 we will perfrom at the flat party in Flatbar Selwerd 2 in Groningen (NL). Besides that we will play a full show on the 6th of June in grand café Stationsplein 2 in Oosterwolde (NL). Hope to see you all there! More tour dates to follow besides.

New gigs for 2015
January 21st 2015

The new year has started and we can announce the first tour dates of 2015.

Friday February 13, 9.00 pm, Lola in Groningen (NL) (/w The Mandrills and Different Color)
Saturday February 28, 8.00 pm, Club house Monts in Noordbroek (NL) (private party)
Saturday June 6, 10.00 pm, Stationsplein 2 in Oosterwolde (NL)

More tour dates to follow..!

Christmas Holidays
December 22nd 2014

The year has almost ended and we think the year went by very fast. We have had some amazing highlights and 'time flies when you're having fun' as they always say. One of the highlights of this year was the selection for the qualifications of the POPgroningen Talent Award. We have played a great show and we have kept a lot of tips and trucs from the jury.

Another big highlight was ofcourse our time in the studio recording our new EP Mk III Analog which we have presented at the pop stage Punt 1 in Leek (NL). The record was received well by you as public and by the local radio stations. We have sold various CDs, we have played a lot of live shows and we have had a lot of airplay on the radio. Sweet Mama was even in the Indie Chart. That was in one word awesome!

We would like to thank a few people for this terrific year. Milan Ciric of the Sing-Sing Studio in Metslawier (NL) has provided u with a great production, great recordings and a fat mix on Mk III Analog! Thanks! Also we would like to thank Jeroen Götz who made a lot of great band photos throughout the years but also has assist us with the artwork for Mk III Analog. Besides that our thanks goes out to: the organisation of POPgroningen and the organisation of Punt 1 in Leek, Appie van Riesen and the crew from Omroep Odrie, radio IndieXL, Radio Compagnie (team of EchtErik) and the crew of Faktum 51 at RTV Stadskanaal. And last but not least: thanks to our fans, friends and audience. You are creating the good vibes at the live shows and give us the energy to rock and party!

For now we are going to enjoy the Holidays with our families and friends but next year we will rock hard again! We wish you all a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Glass house in Oosterwolde
November 28th 2014

On Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of December there will be a glass house in Oosterwolde (NL). Omroep Odrie will attend an 27 hour non stop radio broadcast for the 3FM Serious Request action. The glass house will be build at the south side of the Stationsstraat in Oosterwolde. Beside the radio broadcast there will be various activities and live music.

On Saturday afternoon we will rock to the end of the year for the charity on the stage by the glass house. We will perform at 12.00 pm and there is more live music. Another good reason to come to Oosterwolde and support the Serious Request action. Look for more information at

Mk III Analog stream on YouTube
November 17th 2014

You can already listen to our EP Mk III Analog on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. On Bandcamp you can also download or order our EP. From now on you can also listen to Mk III Analog on YouTube: Enjoy!

Reviews Mk III Analog and new live shows
September 12th 2014

Recently our new EP Mk III Analog was reviewed twice. Some quotes from these reviews:

"The production suits the straight and tight sound of the band very well. Musically it's good. The band plays really tight and the guitarist plays a classic solo now and then." (

"Not spectacular but very acceptable played AOR. The band is doing very good in the local live circuit, which I can imagine very well. This music suits well in pubs and at festivals where people like old-fashioned attractive sturdy rock." (Lords of Metal).

Read more at our press page.

In September and October we haven't got any events on our schedule but in November we are going to rock again. On the 13th of November we play a live show in the flat bar of Selwerd 2 in Groningen (NL) and on November 27 we will rock in Vita Nova in Middelstum (NL). Check our tour dates for more information and we hope to see you in November!

Photo and video update
August 22nd 2014

Most people are back from their summer holidays. Are you ready for some rock 'n' roll allready? Reminder: next Friday we will play live during the Night of Winsum at bar J&A. Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile we have updated our photos and videos. At the media page you can view a new selection of photos and live videos. Please like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more photos and videos.

New tour dates for July and August
July 14th 2014

On Thursday the 24th of July we are guests at the studio of RTV Stadskanaal where our band is the heart of the broadcast of the radio program Faktum 51. We also will perform four songs live and acoustic. Faktum 51 is being broadcast between 8.00 and 10.00 pm and you can listen by live stream at

In August we are going to rock again. On August 29 we will play a live show at Café J&A in Winsum (NL). We will play between 10.00 pm and 2.00 am and the other act that will perform is The Anouk Coverband.

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