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New recordings online
October 7th 2016

Recently we have been guests in the studio of RTV En, where we have played a special semi acoustic live set in the broadcast of the program S-Express. Thanks to the members of S-Express we have some recordings online. You can listen to them at SoundCloud:

Semi acoustic in the air
September 16th 2016

As we announced before, on Friday the 23rd of September we will play a special semi acoustic set live in the studio of RTV En (formerly RTV Stadskanaal). Don't forget to listen next Friday to the program S-Express. At 8.00 pm we are live! You can listen to the live stream at

Acoustic live show at RTV Stadskanaal
June 10th 2016

On Friday night the 23rd of September we will play a special (semi) acoustic show. Between 8.00 and 9.00 pm we will be guests at the studio of RTV Stadskanaal. Our show will be broadcast live during the radio show S-Express. You can listen to RTV Stadskanaal live at the website:

Next up: Eastwood Treffen on June 11
May 30th 2016

On the 11th of June we will play a live show at the Eastwood Treffen at Motorhome Eastwood in Oosterwolde (NL). The Eastwood Treffen starts at 4.00 pm and we will perform at 7.00 pm. See you there!

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