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Mr. Knowhow live at Echt Erik
March 31st 2018

At the end of our Break Out Tour we are guests in the studio of RTVGO! in Winschoten (NL), on Sunday the 8th of April. We will play four songs live in the broadcast of the Echt Erik show. The broadcast is between 5.00 and 7.00 pm and we will play during the second hour of the show. You can follow the live stream via During the last shows we already played some new songs. You can expect some new work this time as well.

Benefit Semmy foundation
March 12th 2018

On Tuesday March 27th  benefit is organized in the building of student society Cleopatra in Groningen (NL), to raise money for the Semmy foundation (Stichting Semmy). This foundation deploys for brainstem cancer by children. We will support this charity by playing a live set during the evening program. Please join us to suppot Stichting Semmy!

Tuesday March 2th 2018, Cleopatra - Kleine Pelsterstraat 5 / 5a Groningen (NL), show Mr. Knowhow at 8.00 pm

Gig Sathurday cancelled
February 2nd 2018

Due to illness we are very sorry to have to cancel our gig tomorrow, February 3rd, at Monts Noordbroek (NL). We are looking for a new date to still do the gig. As soon as we know more about that we will announce that.

Break Out Tour
January 3rd 2018

We are going to start 2018 great with a tour through the North of the Netherlands. Besides the two announced shows at Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) we also will do some fat rock shows together with our friends of Kill Your Darlings. In April we are guests at Echt Erik where we will play a live set in the #radiosessions. Ofcourse you may aspect some new music which we have been busy with the last Months.

January 18th - Proeflokaal 't Kantoor, Groningen (NL) - ESNS
January 20th - Café Knarie, Groningen (NL) - ESNS
January 25th - Flatbar Selwerd 2, Groningen (NL) - w/ Kill Your Darlings
February 3rd - Monts, Noordbroek (NL) - w/ Kill Your Darlings
March 16th - New Café Image, Assen (NL) - w/ Kill Your Darlings
April 8th - RTVGO!, Winschoten (NL) - Echt Erik #radiosessions live broadcast

It's gonna be awesome! Don't miss us! Please check our tour dates for more information.

Merry Christmas!
December 23th 2017

At the end of the year usually people look back at the past year. For us it was a year in which we said goodbye to Phil with two great live shows. We also have welcomed Marck who returned to Mr. Knowhow after seven years. In the rehearsal room and on stage it feels good again.

Besides looking back at the past year we can also look forward to the upcoming year. As we have announced before we will play two shows at Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). But we will do more live shows. More news about that will follow soon! We also have been busy working on new music. You will hear more about that in the new year.

For now we wish you all happy Holidays! Next year we are 'going to break all places down'!

Live at ESNS
December 20th 2017

During Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS), the yearly famous show case festival in Groningen (NL), we will play two live shows.

On Thursday the 18th of January we will play two sets (9.30 pm and 10.30 pm) at proeflokaal 't Kantoor (Kolendrift 19 Groningen).

Saturday January 20th we will perform at 7.00 pm in Café Knarie (Oosterstraat 69A Groningen).

Please come to drink a beer and rock with us!

New live shows
October 14th 2017

The last months we are spending our time on song writing and arranging. Happily we also will hit the road again. On November 4th we will do a gig in Simplon in Groningen (NL) as support of our friends of Kill Your Darlings. They will present their brand new EP. During Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) we will do a live show at Proeflokaal 't Kantoor in Groningen (NL). We will perform on Thursday the 18th of January and will do a semi acoustic show.

Sathurday November 4th, 8.30 pm (doors 8.00 pm), Simplon Groningen (NL) (support Kill Your Darlings)
Thursday January 18th, 9.00 pm, Proeflokaal 't Kantoor Groningen (NL) (ESNS: Kantoorsonic)

For more information please check our live shows. See you at our shows!

News update
August 5th 2017

It has been quiet for a while at Mr. Knowhow Head Quarters so we thought it might be time for an update. There hasn't been a lot of news and at this moment we haven't got any live shows scheduled. For us our holiday period has started and we are busy on other things. That doesn't mean we don't have time for the band at all. In the meantime we are busy writing new music for which we need some time. Besides we are planning for some new live shows later on this year so we are certainly going to rock some more with you this year. More about that later. For everyone who's having a holiday or planning to have one, we wish you a great time!

Unplugged Session
April 18th 2017

Besides the sturdy and energetic rock shows we also like to play songs in a quiet and atmospheric way every now and then. In September last year we have played a special acoustic set live in the broadcast on RTV Een. We will follow this up in the Unplugged Session. On Sunday the 14th of May we will play a full acoustic show in proeflokaal 't Kantoor in Groningen (NL). The show starts at 5.00 pm and there's a free entrance. We hope to see you all for a nice way to end the weekend!

MON Presents: Female Fronted Rock Night
March 7th 2017

We have allready mentioned it when we announced that Marck has returned to Mr. Knowhow as bassplayer. On March 19th we will perform with Marck again at a Female Fronted Rock Night at Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON) in Groningen (NL). The line up is:

Mr. Knowhow (rock - hardrock)
Kill Your Darlings (rock)
Out Of Order (OOO) (all girl punk)
The Bloody Drumsticks (grunge - (punk)rock

The doors are open at 7.00 pm and the entree is free. For more information please click here. See you then!

New website
February 24th 2017

We have a brand new website online. Our old website has been online from the release of Mk III Analog in 2014 already. With the new line up of the band, the new photo shoot and the new music we are working on we find it was time for a new website. More news about the new music soon..!

New photo shoot
February 21st 2017

Recently we have had a photo shoot at a beautiful location. Now we have some nice photos of our band available. On our press page you can download our press kit, which contains for instance our biography but also brand new band photos. We would like to thank the photographer, Anka Kremer.

Marck Kuiken returns to Mr. Knowhow
January 11th 2017

Recently Phil decided to leave Mr. Knowhow and we had to seek for a new bass player. At the start of the new year we are happy to announce that Marck Kuiken returns to Mr. Knowhow as bass player. Marck was our bass player from the beginning back in 2008 but had to leave the band in 2010. We always kept in contact and with Marck having more time nowadays this was a logical step to take. On March 19th we will do a show at the bar of Muziek Organisatie Noord (MON) in Groningen (NL). Marck will join us on stage again then and we will perform with the rockers of Kill Your Darlings. We hope to see you all then!

Happy Holidays
December 20th 2016

2016 has almost ended and we are almost ready for Christmas. We will join our families and friends and will take a little time off. At the end of the year we look back at a change in line up of our band. Phil wants to do something else with another genre of music. That was sad news but happily Phil still will play two shows with us in the upcoming year. We also soon will announce our new bass player! So stay tuned for more news soon. We now wish you all happy Holidays and hope to see you all again next year!

Extra last show with Phil
December 5th 2016

We have added an extra 'say goodbye' show with Phil to our schedule. On Saturday February 18th 2017 we will do a live show at the club house of Monts in Noordbroek (NL). The show starts at 9.00 pm and also here the entree is free. If you have to miss us in Adorp or if you couldn't get enough energie from one last show with Phil we like to see you (again)!

Phil says goodbye to Mr. Knowhow
December 2nd 2016

Unfortunalety we have to announce that Phil will leave Mr. Knowhow after five years. Phil recenty told us that he wants to seek his musical challenge and creativity somewhere else. It was a difficult decision for Phil. We also think it's sadly that we have to say goodbye but we respect Phils decision.

We can look back at five great years together with Phil in which we have made a great development and build a tight live act. One of the highlights of the years with Phil were the production and recordings of our third EP Mk III Analog. But we also will always remember the energetic live shows and great nights out with the band.

We will do a 'say goodbye' show with Phil on Saturday January 28th 2017 at 't Witte Hoes in Adorp (NL). The show starts at 9.30 pm and the entree is free. We hope to see you all to rock once more with Phil and Mr. Knowhow.

New recordings online
October 7th 2016

Recently we have been guests in the studio of RTV Eén, where we have played a special semi acoustic live set in the broadcast of the program S-Express. Thanks to the members of S-Express we have some recordings online. You can listen to them at SoundCloud:

Semi acoustic in the air
September 16th 2016

As we announced before, on Friday the 23rd of September we will play a special semi acoustic set live in the studio of RTV Eén (formerly RTV Stadskanaal). Don't forget to listen next Friday to the program S-Express. At 8.00 pm we are live! You can listen to the live stream at

Acoustic live show at RTV Stadskanaal
June 10th 2016

On Friday night the 23rd of September we will play a special (semi) acoustic show. Between 8.00 and 9.00 pm we will be guests at the studio of RTV Stadskanaal. Our show will be broadcast live during the radio show S-Express. You can listen to RTV Stadskanaal live at the website:

Next up: Eastwood Treffen on June 11
May 30th 2016

On the 11th of June we will play a live show at the Eastwood Treffen at Motorhome Eastwood in Oosterwolde (NL). The Eastwood Treffen starts at 4.00 pm and we will perform at 7.00 pm. See you there!

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